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Re: Clock skew problem - RHEL 4 AS

Syed Johnullah wrote:
I did set the time in BIOS and on OS also time zone configured
I don't have problem in other servers in which 32 bit RHEL 4 ES
installed, Two DL380 G4 servers which is Extended 64 bit has RHEL 4 ES 64 bit

Both the servers have same problem.

Syed Johnullah

-----Original Message----- From: Meadows, Andrew [mailto:AMeadows BMI com] Sent: Wednesday, December 20, 2006 5:56 PM
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Subject: Re: Clock skew problem - RHEL 4 AS

If you can shutdown the server for a few moments you are golden. Just
shut down and set the time in the bios. Also make sure on the os side
that you have the time zone set correctly.....

Well, the 'hwclock' command should be used to set the real-time clock from the running OS, no need to

What does the NTP logfile say? If there isn't one, add "logfile /var/log/ntp_log" or something to "/etc/ntp.conf"

Maybe the hardware is foobared or the server is running too hot?

A comment from http://www.beaglesoft.com/mainfaqclock.htm

"The hardware clock is updated once per second and cannot display fractions of a second. For this reason, it cannot be read or set within better than a second. The accuracy of the hardware clock is determined by the quality of its timebase oscillator (typically a 32.768 kHz crystal). These crystals are economical, costing less than $1 in single quantities. However, they offer only marginal timekeeping performance. They are sensitive to temperature and other factors and are often not calibrated at the factory. Even under the best conditions, these oscillators are not likely to be stable to better than 1 part per million (about 0.1 seconds per day). In actual operation, most hardware clocks seem to gain or lose time at a rate of about 1 to 15 seconds per day, with 5 or 6 seconds per day being typical. Although the hardware clock usually outperforms the software clock by a considerable amount, its performance often pales in comparison to even a low-cost wristwatch."

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