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Re: warning dialog box

Borg, Rodney wrote:
Bill Said:
inode0 wrote:
On 12/19/06, Bill Tangren <bjt aa usno navy mil> wrote:
Could someone point me to a link that explains how to present the user, sitting at the GUI console, with a dialog box either before or

after login?
I'm using
gdm for console login.
I'm not clear on what you are trying to do or when but you might look

at zenity or dialog for popping up dialogs to the user.


OK, zenity will display the dialog box, but where do I place the
command so that the dialog box is displayed either before or after the
user >>logs in via gdm?

Hi Bill,

I had to do a similar thing recently. This is how I did it:

1/ Place banner message in /etc/issue
2/ Added the following to /etc/X11/gdm/Init/Default and to
	# Login banner
	if ! /usr/bin/gdialog --textbox /etc/issue 60 100; then
	sleep 10
	exit 1;

I know nothing about zenity but I presume you could put a zenity
command(?) into the Default and 0: files instead of the gdialog command
and get similar results.
I had to do some extra work to make sure this worked for ssh logins too.

[root mach2 Init]# gdialog --help
gdialog is a compatibility wrapper around zenity, provided to hopefully
allow older scripts to run. If you are reading this message, you should
probably be using zenity directly

type: 'zenity --help' or 'man zenity' for more information
[root mach2 Init]#

Thanks for the help. I'll try it.

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