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RE: warning dialog box

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Subject: warning dialog box

Could someone point me to a link that explains how to present the user,
at the GUI console, with a dialog box either before or after login? I'm
gdm for console login.


Bill Tangren

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	In the /etc/X11/gdm/gdm.conf file is a setting that will display
a dialog box before login (RHEL-WS 3 & 4):

#If InfoMsgFile points to a file, the greeter will display the contents
# the file in a modal dialog box before the user is allowed to log in.

Where /etc/message.txt contains the message you wish to have displayed.
This only contains a 'OK' button so it might not apply in your case.
Also if someone walks by and hits the 'OK' button but never logs in, the
dialog never reappears.  


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