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Re: RedHat 9 upgrade

Hi Barry,

Thanks for the tip - I've looked at Centos and it looks brilliant. Only
trouble is, I'm not sure which version to go for - CentOS 2, 3 or 4, as
I'm still not totally familiar with all the intricacies of Linux. RedHat
9 was pretty easy to install and set up, so can I cope with CentOS?


On Wed, 2006-12-20 at 02:45, Barry Brimer wrote:
> > I've been using RedHat 9 for a while and am a total convert to linux -
> > however RedHat 9 is getting a bit 'tired' and I'd like to upgrade. But
> > I've looked at RH Enterprise WS and it seems a bit expensive at $179
> > (approx 100 GBP) compared to some other distros (eg SUSE 10). Any
> > suggestions/recommendations would be appreciated - thanks.
> I recommend CentOS <http://www.centos.org>  CentOS takes the SRPMs from 
> RHEL and follows Red Hat's guidelines for redistribution.  The user 
> community is great.  The distro is free, and they provide updates to their 
> distribution as long as Red Hat provides updates.  They also have some 
> extra repositories with newer/different things to add i.e. newer versions 
> of PHP, MySQL .. as well as enhanced kernels, etc.
> Barry

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