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RE: SMP kernel


This is a very simple upgrade.  I have both the smp and the single processor
kernel on all of my machines.  In case there is some problem bringing up the
smp kernel, I can use the single kernel for a while.

Using up2date do: "up2date -I  kernel-smp"  without the quotes.  This will
install the smp kernel.  Then check /boot/grub/grub.conf to see that it will
be the default kernel.  default=0, if the first kernel in the list is your
newly installed smp kernel.

Then reboot and the check that you are using the correct kernel.

If you can't use up2date, you can download the kernel from redhat's website
and install it with "rpm -ivh package-name.rpm  This will do the same as

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> I have already installed RedHat 4 on my server, but I realized that I did
> not use the SMP kernel to recognize and use both of my processors. Is
> there a way to add/update to the SMP kernel without reinstalling, or do I
> have to start from scratch and reinstall?
> Larry
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