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Re: Apache Server (Oracle)

Larry D Sorensen wrote:
My default runlevel is 5. As for the httpd configuration, it was set to
off for all. I changed it to on for runlevel 5, then I rebooted.
Stop restarting servers after making so little changes... :) What I love about linux is that (unlike $tupid$soft) you don't need to restart your machine after you change your IP address. In fact you don't need to restart unless you installed a new kernel... If you really want to simulate boot conditions do a init 1; init 5
http appears to have started, but I still cannot open a browser to my Oracle
Enterprise Manager. Thanks for your help.

Are there any Oracle people out there that I can help me with the next
step? Do I need to move some http conf settings to a more global location
from my oracle environment, or something else?

On Thu, 21 Dec 2006 17:42:53 -0500 "Gaddis, Jeremy L."
<jeremy linuxwiz net> writes:
On 12/21/06, Larry D Sorensen <larry sorensen juno com> wrote:
As part of an Oracle installation, I set up some web pages;
however, upon
reboot, the apache server does not seem to be starting. I cannot
the Enterprise Manager web page on my server. Can someone explain
to me
what I need to do to get to set up things to automatically start
after a
1. What's your default runlevel (grep ^id /etc/inittab | awk -F : '{
print $2 }')?

2. Is Apache configured to automatically start up in that runlevel
(chkconfig --list httpd)?

Jeremy L. Gaddis, MCP, GCWN

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