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you can configure it via cmd: redhat-config-network

step by step:

On 12/22/06, Lord of Gore <lordofgore logsoftgrup ro> wrote:

Lord of Gore wrote:
> Mad Unix wrote:
>> I want to setup/configureuse Linux as VPN  server for Windows
>> clients?  The
>> VPN would operate over the internet.
>> any one did that before, if yes please your iput would be really
>> appreciated.
> The best VPN solution I know is IPSEC over L2TP. You can allways use
> GRE (Generic Router Encapsulation) but it is IP over IP and so it is
> not so secure but easier to setup and faster. You can bring up these
> tunnels using OpenVPN.
Coming back. OpenVPN does *not*, i repeat,  does *not* :) support IPSEC.
It's OpenSWAN you should use.

*Note to myself: Indeed the keybord types faster than one can think... :))

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