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Re: redhat cluster suite

As far as concern Redhat Cluster Suite, it is available with some prise tag

It is available with support only thru redhat.

You may get Demo if you require and request to redhat.


Hope will help you.

On 12/22/06, Gaddis, Jeremy L. <jeremy linuxwiz net> wrote:

On 12/22/06, Koray Sonmez <ksonmez oytek com tr> wrote:
> i am looking redhat cluster suite software. Where can i find this
> software.

1. Go to http://www.google.com/
2. Type "redhat cluster suite" in the box
3. Press the "Google Search" button
4. Click on the first of the search results returned.

For more information, visit http://tinyurl.com/y6e78x


Jeremy L. Gaddis, MCP, GCWN

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