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RE: RedHat 9 upgrade

From: Kevin K Sent: December 22, 2006 20:13
> CentOS 3.X is essentially a supported version of RH9.  Based  
> originally on a stable version of RH9, and updated since.
> CentOS 4.X has a 2.6 based kernel, and originally based on one of the  
> Fedora Core releases.
> 4 should run most programs for RH9, and has newer versions of  
> provided packages.
> The Fedora Core versions are more bleeding edge, with much shorter  
> support lifetimes.  If you have stuck with RH9 all these years, you  
> will probably be happier with a RHEL based system.

I think you better double check that. My understanding is that the
CentOS distributions are based on the RHEL sources. CentOS 3 is based
on RHEL3, CentOS 4 is based on RHEL4, etc.

We run both RHEL3 and CentOS 4. I fined them very compatible. Both
are very stable as well.


Regards, Hugh

Hugh E Cruickshank, Forward Software, www.forward-software.com 

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