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SElinux and FC6

If this is not the right place to ask this question, please direct me to the
right place.

Yesterday I upgraded from FC2 to FC6.  When it rebooted, it froze because
SElinux complained something about the machine being mandatory, or something
like that.  I didn't write down the error message.  The boot process froze
pretty much right away.

I ultimately had to use the rescue CD in order to boot FC6 and go searching
for a way to get rid of the problem.  I ultimately found the /etc/selinux/config
file and disabled selinux.

While I should ultimately have SElinux running, it seems that the FC6 install
set up the system so that it will not work.  Is this a bug in the FC6 upgrade?

I have no clue on how to fix the installer's configuration of SElinux.

Thanks for any pointers in getting this fixed.

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