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Re: question about cron

Usually it is /var/log/cron.log (assuming that the default syslog config has not been changed).

If you don't see the command execute in the log file (assumin that you do have cron.log), try restarting cron. My understanding is that cron should be able to re-read the crontab file on the fly, but (at least on other Unix OSes), but just in case, you may need to do that.

On Dec 26, 2006, at 10:35 AM, Bill Tangren wrote:

I have one server on which it does not seem that the cron daemon is working. I use cron to do system backups and to rotate those backups (as well as quite a few other things). None of them seem to be happening.

My question is, what do I look for in the logs to determine whether or not the cron daemon is running, and if not, why not?


Bill Tangren

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