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Re: ES or Fedora

Quoting Robert Canary <rwcanary ocdirect net>:

I have a couple new servers I was needing to put online.

I have always built, compiled, and setup my own Linux boxes, the most
recent ones I did so using RedHat 7.2. and recompiled most of the
software to make it fit what I wanted.

However, the options availbale today will suit we just me just fine
without allot of recomipling.

So why would take Fedora over ES, or vice versa?

 - free
 - bleeding edge (less stable, more features, updates can push new versions)
 - short life cycle
 - community support
- usually no support from 3rd party vendors (binary-only drivers, commercial software) -- it changes too frequently

 - price tag (annual subscription)
- older versions of software (more stable, less features, conservative updates)
 - long life cycle
- vendor support (actually, this is mostly what you pay for when you buy RHEL)
 - support from 3rd party vendors

Free RHEL clones:
 - free
 - older versions of software (same as RHEL)
 - same life cycsle as RHEL (as long as project is alive)
 - community support
 - 3rd party vendors might deny support because it doesn't have Red Hat label

You choose which combination of above fits your needs.

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