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Re: ES or Fedora

From: Aleksandar Milivojevic <alex milivojevic org>
Date: Thursday, December 28, 2006 10:58 am
> Quoting Robert Canary <rwcanary ocdirect net>:
> > I have a couple new servers I was needing to put online.
> >
> > I have always built, compiled, and setup my own Linux boxes, the 
> most> recent ones I did so using RedHat 7.2. and recompiled most of 
> the> software to make it fit what I wanted.
> >
> > However, the options availbale today will suit we just me just fine
> > without allot of recomipling.
> >
> > So why would take Fedora over ES, or vice versa?
> Fedora:
>  - free
>  - bleeding edge (less stable, more features, updates can push new 
> versions)  - short life cycle
>  - price tag (annual subscription)

This is the reason I migtated to SuSE on my home systems - Fedora, from
what I've read, seems to be bleeding edge, and I have no enthusiasm to
come home from being a sysadmin to debug the o/s. If I'd known of it, I
might have gone to CentOS. I want stability, and I won't spend serious
money (I mean, if I wanted to do that, I could buy WinDoze.... <g>) on
the o/s. 

Btw, the bleeding edgeiness of Fedora is ESR's feeling, too, or at least
it was when we were talking about just this, about a year ago.


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