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Re: ES or Fedora

Weeeeellll, these will be production systems. I have been doing Linux and Unix flavors long enough I really don't need the "Hand-Holdng" tech support. However, I'm interested in having a support network for updating RPMS when there is security issues. And I do like being able add a package via up2date and it also collecting the dependant RPMs as well.

Are those thing still available with ES? What exactly are the implication of an annaul subscription? This thing isn't going to shutdown if I don't resubscribe will it?

mroth cfl rr com wrote:

From: Aleksandar Milivojevic <alex milivojevic org>
Date: Thursday, December 28, 2006 10:58 am

Quoting Robert Canary <rwcanary ocdirect net>:

I have a couple new servers I was needing to put online.

I have always built, compiled, and setup my own Linux boxes, the

most> recent ones I did so using RedHat 7.2. and recompiled most of the> software to make it fit what I wanted.

However, the options availbale today will suit we just me just fine
without allot of recomipling.

So why would take Fedora over ES, or vice versa?

- free
- bleeding edge (less stable, more features, updates can push new versions) - short life cycle


- price tag (annual subscription)

This is the reason I migtated to SuSE on my home systems - Fedora, from
what I've read, seems to be bleeding edge, and I have no enthusiasm to
come home from being a sysadmin to debug the o/s. If I'd known of it, I
might have gone to CentOS. I want stability, and I won't spend serious
money (I mean, if I wanted to do that, I could buy WinDoze.... <g>) on
the o/s.
Btw, the bleeding edgeiness of Fedora is ESR's feeling, too, or at least
it was when we were talking about just this, about a year ago.


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