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Re: Backspace key not working in editor

>Can you try if this helps?
>Do stty erase "^?" at your prompt.
>That was stty erase within the quotes caret sign above number 6 followed
>by question mark sign terminated by quotes again. 
>Now try to vi a file and see if this resolves the issue.

That clue put me on the right track.  I've been evolving the zsh startup
over several operating systems, so I've been carrying the files from OS to

In this case, Linux does it right if one does nothing, i.e., erase is set
to ^?.  I had a stty line that was screwing things up.  In my personal
login it wasn't getting used, while the zroot login did end up running
the line with the stty command.

Once I got that out of there, all was well.

Thanks for the tip.

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