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RE: linux vs SAN

Is anyone using the following configuration.

RH Enterprise 3/4
2 * Qlogic 2340 with engenio driver in failover mode
Storagetek Diskarray

Basically I am having lockup problems, where writing to the diskarray is
locking up. I have checked via santricity and
the diskarray is fine, ie it is not showing any errors or failing over.
When I do a fdisk -l, the output hangs when it queries the

Finally, engenio as saying I need to be running AS before they will
investigate further ( I am running WS ). If I knew what RH Enterprise OS
version others were sucessfully running it would be useful in terms of
confirming that my configuration should work. There is no reason to run
AS on this box other than this issue as far as I understand it.



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