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Re: linux vs SAN

Anything dealing with SAN architecture we run AS. This is mainly because
everything we have connected to the SAN is either currently, or slated
to be, a high availability machine. AS provides us with Premium 24x7
support which is required for our applications.

Why are you using the engenio drivers for Qlogic 2340's? We use Qlogic
and HP's drivers, both of which support native card level failover and
multipathing. Qlogic's are on their website, HP's are in the driver
downloads section, relabeled as model FCA2214. Make sure you get the
drivers relevant to your architecture.

If you decide to use the Qlogic/HP Drivers, and need further assistance,
feel free to contact, I spent a good many months on development of
Linux/SAN architectures, and have learned quite a bit, any help I can
provide is yours.


Tom Callahan
TESSCO Technologies
Desk: (410)-229-1361
Cell: (443)-506-6216
Email: callahant tessco com

A real engineer only resorts to documentation when the keyboard dents on the forehead get too noticeable.

bob flynn wrote:

>Is anyone using the following configuration.
>RH Enterprise 3/4
>2 * Qlogic 2340 with engenio driver in failover mode
>Storagetek Diskarray
>Basically I am having lockup problems, where writing to the diskarray is
>locking up. I have checked via santricity and
>the diskarray is fine, ie it is not showing any errors or failing over.
>When I do a fdisk -l, the output hangs when it queries the
>Finally, engenio as saying I need to be running AS before they will
>investigate further ( I am running WS ). If I knew what RH Enterprise OS
>version others were sucessfully running it would be useful in terms of
>confirming that my configuration should work. There is no reason to run
>AS on this box other than this issue as far as I understand it.
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>Please direct any additional queries to: communications s3group com 
>Thank You.

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