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Re: What Does This Mean?

Maybe has to do with SELINUX and password age requirements?

Tom Callahan

Coleman, Kelley (HAC) wrote:

>userhelper[32200]: pam_timestamp: timestamp file
>`/var/run/sudo/oracle/unknown:root' has unacceptable age (143385
>seconds), disallowing access to system-config-users for UID 500
>userhelper[32200]: pam_timestamp: updated timestamp file
>userhelper[32208]: running
>'/usr/share/system-config-users/system-config-users' with root
>privileges on behalf of 'oracle'
>I'm particularly curious about the 'unacceptable age' part.  I do often
>su to root from oracle, but I don't understand where the 143385 seconds
>comes from. It works out to like 40 hours. I'm not aware of any
>continuous connection I would have that would be open that long. And
>actually, now I see it says 'sudo', which I never use interactively.
>Maybe it's an internal Oracle thing? Any thoughts?
>Kelley Coleman
>Database Administrator
>VA Health Administration Center
>Denver, Colorado
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