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RE: cups question

I am not an expert in exit codes, programming, or scripting, but I have
always understood an exit code of zero to mean "good work, ended ok"

for some good examples check out:

and the linux documentation project page.

Where does the raw queue go?

Can you send jobs to it from other CUPS computers/servers(Windows?)?

Does the printer speak PostScript (What Version?)? Are you sending data in
PostScript or PCL?

Job Cacka

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We are having an issue with some printers not printing even though the
spooler indicates that the job completed.
I wanted to make sure that I understood how this works.

We have a raw queue.  The spooler takes the file to be printed,
manipulate/copies it to the spool directory then
sends the job to the printer.

If we get a 0 exit code, it indicates that the job was sent?

Am I correct?

Marvin Blackburn
Systems Administrator
Glen Raven

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