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RE: no mail from / for root

	Because sendmail is disabled, and no other mailer is enabled, this is why
you are not getting the root mail. What we do to protect sendmail is we
block port 25 access to all servers except for the email servers. This means
that the port is not available on that machine except locally, in our own
WAN. We use an external hardware device to accomplish this, which is the
only way to create a true firewall. Obviously keeping sendmail off is the
best security, but then so is using scissors on your CAT 5 connections.
	I would guess that if you are keeping sendmail up2date with the RHN then
you have nothing to worry about. Unless you are NSA, FBI, CIA, some company
with secrets worth knowing, or good bandwidth that hackers/spammers might
want to exploit.
	There are other mail servers in RHES 4. Dovecot comes to mind and I think
that Courier is also available.

Job Cacka

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I have an RHES4 mahine which does not send any mail to or from root. For
example, the result of a cron job is not sent. I thought this service was
enabled by default. If not, which services is it. I have read that sendmail
has some security issues and since this machine will not be mailing the
outside world, I did not want to start or configure it. Not sure where to
start looking. TIA.

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