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Re: gedit ownership problem

Sorry, replying to the reply -- seem to have lost the original mail

Yard, John wrote:
When using gedit, I have users who cannot edit a file owned by
another user, even if the linux permissions
allow them ( say even 777 ).
What is the circumvention of this problem ?

Are you sure that they can't _edit_ that file? It's possible they can edit it (try with another program), but they can't remove it. If that's the case, I would think the parent directory has the sticky bit set. (Is the file in question in /tmp?) Here's the relevant portion from "man chmod":

The name of the `sticky bit' derives from the original meaning: keep program text on swap device. These days, when set for a directory, it means that only the owner of the file and the owner of that directory may remove the file from that directory. (This is commonly used on directories like /tmp that have general write permission.)


Jack Challen
Technical Consultant, OCSL.

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