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RE: Dell Powervault 100T

I would imagine that you just point your backup software to the tape device.
As the powervault appears to be ide, it should be under /dev/hdN... 

You can use mt, but maybe you want a product like veritas, or edge?



Gavin McDonald
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> Subject: Dell Powervault 100T
> 	I have a client running RHEL ES 4.x who has a Dell Powervault 100T
> hooked up to it, but doesn't know how to use it.  I have searched
> redhat.com and google, but couldn't find any info on how to backup
> the server to it.  Does anybody know the command(s) that I would need
> to do?  Or a webpage that they can refer me to that would tell me how?
> Thank You
> Steve
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