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Re: Bind as cache only

On Fri, 10 Feb 2006, Budi Febrianto wrote:

Hello General,

 I have problem with bind that setup as caching only.

 I already have a server as bind server in the office, where every pc
 and server listed in there.

 Because of our smtp server load is increase I want to setup bind as
 caching only in the smtp server, hopely can reduce trafic load to
 our bind server.

 Problem is, while it can query the public dns... but it can't query
 to our local bind server.

 should I add forwarders in named.conf?

What does the resolv.conf for the mail server look like?

From what you wrote, above, I gather that you want to run the caching name
server on the SMTP host, itself. If this is the case, then the mail server's resolv.conf should have either the localhost IP, or its own IP (or both), first, and then the IP(s) of any public DNS server you wish to have it query.

Mike Burger

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