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Re: shorewall firewall

Shorewall is just a set of scripts.so it would just sort of  arrange your
paramenters for the iptables command tool according to the configuration you
do in the shorewall files.I don;t think you need to set the level in
system-config as shorewall once started will do it on itself.

On 2/12/06, Romeo Theriault <romeotheriault gmail com> wrote:
> Hi, I'm running redhat as 4 and am thinking of implementing
> "shorewall", a front-end to iptables. I am wondering how this will
> work with the redhat iptables firewall. Should I shut off the
> firewall in redhat's "system-config-securitylevel" before I try to
> implement shorewall?
> Thank you for any advice.
> Romeo
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