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RE: about tar

Start the ftp server on your Red Hat box and then use an FTP client like
filezilla on your windows box to copy the file. The other option is to
properly configure Samba to have access to the directory that the xyz.tar
file is located in. You may need to only change the permissions on the
xyz.tar file,a nd this will work.

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     I wrote comand below to terminal

 tar -cvvf /disk1/data/xyz.tar /disk1/data/folders

it works but created file (xyz.tar) is hidden. when I
use find /disk1/data -name xyz.tar system finds it. if
I write ls /disk1/data/xyz.tar system writes
it written is red also and if I connect to server from
a windows machine by winscp.exe I can't see xyz.tar
file under /disk1/data/ path. how can I see it by
winscp.exe or if you know another way to copy xyz.tar
file to windows machine. if any body knows, please

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