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Re: Resolving missing dependencies in the modern fedora world

On Wednesday 15 February 2006 10:01, Vicki Stanfield wrote:
> I have been largely out of the Red Hat realm for some years now,
> but I have recently begun experimenting with Fedora Core 5. I
> installed FC5 Test1 easily enough. Now I wish to upgrade from
> Test1 to Test2. I downloaded and installed the fedora-release rpm
> and then began a yum upgrade. I get the following missing
> dependencies and am unsure what the current method is for
> resolving them. Can I buy a clue? And why aren't these
> dependencies self-resolving?

There is no guaranteed upgrade path from test1 to test2 to etc.  You 
are running some very volatile software that's almost guaranteed to 
break often until the final releases.  You may want to subscribe 


email groups ( listed in least to most relevant lists for your 
purposes )

Regards, Mike Klinke

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