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iissues on reboot

Hi, all.

I have a Dell 2850 running RHEL 3. It has six 300 GB SCSI drives set up with RAID 5.

It's been running since June, and today, I moved it to a new colo facility. When I booted it up, a bunch of stuff failed (can't tell you what it was), and I was kicked to an odd login screen that led to a strange read-only FS with only the / partition mounted. We mounted all of filesystems and did fsck (it was suggested when we mounted) on all partitions except /usr and a very large partition we use to store our databases. We rebooted. fsck was forced on the big partition, but we were kicked back to a similar login. We rebooted again, the fsck took place on the big partition again, and then we got a regular login.

So, I'm happy my machine finally came up properly, and, if I'm lucky, I'll never reboot it again, but, I'm a little worried about what happened. Is anyone familiar with this? Can I avoid it by doing a more frequent fsck? Is this safe thing for me to do remotely?

Thanks in advance.

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