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how to boot from CDROM drive through belkin ultra ata/133 pci card

Hi experts

Origianlly installed IDE controller on the motehrboad seemed malfunctioning on one of our desktops, so I added a Belkin Ultra ATA/133 PCI card [F5U098] to an open IDE slot. Two slots [primary/slave] on the card are now connected to CDROM and hard drive with IDE cables. On boot, it does not detect any primary/slave drive, then Belkin RAID controller kicks in by asking if I want to setup RAID device. It acutally searches primary/slave channel on the new card and finds both CDROM and hard drive before asking RAID setup. After I gets out of raid setup or simply ignores radi setup, the boot agent on desktop cannot detect any devices connected to Belkin PCI card. I just want to boot from a CDROM drive and install redhat to the hard drive through Belkin card.

Could you advise me how to setup bios or where to look into ? I played with DMA/PCI IRQs and device settings on original BIOS, but it did not help at all.


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