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Re: Hardware Audit

Iam not aware of AIX machine ....... any way can u try with *sudo  command


Gavin McDonald wrote:

When I have needed this in Redhat, I remapped Ctrl-Alt-Del in /etc/inittab
to shutdown, instead of reboot.  Now, if you want users to be able to shut
down a machine WITHOUT console access, you have a whole different solution.
Maybe you can 'chmod go+x /sbin/shutdown' and have at 'er.

though you're on AIX, so ymmv.  Maybe ask the AIX mailing list?


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Hi ,
     We are using AIX 5.2, on this non previlaged users are not able to
shutdown the machine, what permissions are to be changed for the non
previlaged users to shutdown the machine. Thanks for your help in advance.
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