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RE: Terminal emulation problem!!! SOLVED


Thank you for your quick reply. I am using SecureCRT v5. I tried without
success ANSI, Linux, VT100, etc. terminal emulations prior my post on
the list. However, your feedback pointed me to look at fonts parameters.
Luckily, after a few new attempts I just found the right combination of
settings! Below is my SecureCRT configuration that works like the
console on RH ES 3 & 4:

Emulation: Linux + ANSI colors
Keyboard:  Linux
Character Encoding: OEM + Use Unicode line drawing characters

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I think that you should check the terminal settings on the ssh client
are connecting from.  You may not have the correct fonts on the local
display.  Or incorrect terminal settings.  I have seen this numerous
going between windows/solaris/linux/etc.  If you could provide more
about the problem, perhaps we could provide a more detailed solution.


Gavin McDonald
EVI Logistic Enterprises
email: me gavitron com
phone: (604) 313-3845

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