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RE: mails VIA specific mailhost

You need to (install,) update, & recompile your sendmail.cf file.

First install/update it,
# Up2date sendmail-cf

Next, Add the following lines to /etc/mail/sendmail.mc:


Now commit the changes by running
# m4 /etc/mail/sendmail.mc > /etc/mail/sendmail.cf

then restart sendmail like so:
# service sendmail restart

If it wasn't clear enough above, 
  "mail.yourlocaldomain.local" is the local address of your mail server,
  "yourdomain.com" is the domain that the mail should come from,
  "yourlocaldomain.local" is the suffix of your local domain, for

Gavin McDonald
EVI Logistic Enterprises
email: me gavitron com
phone: (604) 313-3845

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> Sent: Monday, February 27, 2006 5:19 AM
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> Subject: mails VIA specific mailhost
> *OS: RHEL 3.0*
> *RUNLEVEL: 3 (command line)*
> I have secure a system which has permissions to send mails only through a
> particular mail host, due to which mail command fails to work.
> I would like to know is there any command based tool that I can use to
> send
> logs of my monitoring scripts VIA a specified MailHost...I see there is a
> command where I can specify my default mail client, outgoin server
> et...but
> I don't know how to change these values....
> Any ideas/pointers are appreciated..thanks even for giving a try...
> [root devel etc]# mailsettings
> [Defaults]
> Profile=Default
> [PROFILE_Default]
> EmailAddress=root devel
> *EmailClient=/usr/bin/mutt*
> FullName=root
> IncomingServer=/var/mail/root
> IncomingServerType=localbox
> OutgoingCommand=/usr/sbin/sendmail
> *OutgoingServerType=local*
> TerminalClient=true
> [root devel etc]#
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