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Java Problems on Multiheaded Workstations

We are running Sun java 1.4.2_08 on RHEL 4 workstation.

We recently configured a workstation with six heads as three virtual screens (0.0, 0.1, 0.2) using twinview. The workstation is a Dell with a dual port NVIDIA Quadro FX1400, and a quad port NVIDIA Quadro4 200/400 NVS.

All the normal X programs we run behave as expected. They open their displays on the screen specified by the DISPLAY variable, either :0.0, :0.1, or :0.2.

The java programs all open their displays on :0.0, no matter what the DISPLAY variable is set to. If DISPLAY=:0.1, or DISPLAY=:0.2, java opens it's window on :0.0.

Even stranger, we have a java menu program , call it treepm, that runs other programs. If we run treepm from :0.1, it opens its display on :0.0. But, any normal Xwindow program run from the treepm menu display will open on :0.1.

When we had this system configured as a single virtual :0.0 display using twinview and Xinerama, everything worked fine. But, of course, the only display was :0.0.

Has anyone seen this problem before, or anything like it?

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