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Re: Question for tape backup

Some points to consider:

a) A tape library can dramatically reduce your workload and chances of

b) Software: there are some good open source solutions (amanda, bacula). Not
as good as Veritas netbackup, for example, but they´re work fine (specially
a non large number of clients, as seems your case).

c) Disk backups have a quicker restore. They´re good for recent backup
images (that
are more likely to be restored).

hope this helps

On 6/1/06, Yasushi Okubo <yasushi cabm rutgers edu> wrote:

Hi, experts

I have a general question about a tape backup.   We have outsourced tape
backup services outside our group, but it is getting time to do it by
So, I would like to seek advices/suggestions from experts on this issue
before we start buying hardware and software.

We have about 4TB of active files and directories to backup in our
production machines, which include file servers, mirrors of desktop home
dir/laptop home dir/external drives etc.
We still use tape backup since we need to keep those data for more than
10 years.
And we now consolidated those mirror locations to  three machines , each
machine contains  over 1 TB  of mirrored files and directories.
One of reasons that outside group is giving up our tape backup was the
work load.  It seems that troubleshooting activities of
hardware/software related issues around tape backup is killing them.

Could you advise me your opinions about the following issues ?

We are thinking to connect tape backup machine through scsi interface,
but not sure about it yet.

1. hardware: recommended hardware/types of tape etc
2. software : recommended software [I only know akeia, but is it good
enough ?]
3. backup strategy: we consolidated mirrored files onto three machines
now, but was it a good idea since disk space to backup is quite large ?
4. workload : should I expect how many hours of work required every day
or per month related to tape backup ?
5. are there any issues I should be aware of ?
6. any issues in installation/setup/maintenance related to recommended
framework above?


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