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RE: SATA Driver Image Partition

Unfortantely, you are not still giving the full picture....

Bottom line :  Linux distro MUST has driver for SATA controller or no
disks will be shown.  It does not matter what the BIOS says.  SATA is
not SCSI device even though Linux accesses them like SCSI device (or
something like that)

Using google, I belive the ML150 uses "Adaptec AIC-8130 with Marwell

Running this, you can confirm/deny this:

lspci -vv 

Output will be something like this :

03:04.0 SCSI storage controller: Marvell Technology Group Ltd.
MV88SX6041 4-port SATA II PCI-X Controller (rev 07)
        Subsystem: Hewlett-Packard Company: Unknown device 103c

Kernel module is probably called mv_sata.ko

This is also known as "Adaptec_Marvell_H2" driver.  Search for LiveCD
which includes it on the image.  

Here's a crazy suggestion, try Centos4 LiveCD recently released.  No
idea if it has partimage or the Marvell SATA driver...  

What partitions are you creating images for?  All of them?   Just /home?
What is the point of the image if they are on the disk?  Disk fails,
image fails too!  How did the system fail before?   User error or drive
hardware failure?

I just come across BackupPC which might give you what you want...
http://backuppc.sourceforge.net/  Finding rpm's should not be hard.  No
experience with BackupPC....

With Mondorescue, you can write images to DVD / CDROM or tape.  If
server does not have burner, you can write image to spare partition and
then burn them on another computer.   Be warned, that Mondorescue is
intended for complete bare metal system restore.  Only advance users
will be able to use it for specific partitions.  Any datbases, mysql etc
must be shutdown when image is created.   

If you are only creating "images" of /home, have you considered creating
software RAID 1 (mirrored) to the second disk?  It's simpler than LVM
but creates some reduntancy.....negative is extra I/O....


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Hi Dag, I give you all data that I've, I'm using a Red Hat Enterprise 4
on a Server HP ML150 with 2 Hard Drives Maxtor of 250gb and a 1 GB Ram.
When I started with Knoppix to use QTParted, Knoppix doesn't show me the
sda1 and sda2... same with Ubuntu 5.10.  When I started partimage from
Knoppix does not show my Hard Drives.  I don't know what happend,  when
bios start up look for SCSI drives and found it, Healthy.
No error is showed in any time.. 

The topics is that,  Time ago the configuration was LMV, but one of the
Volumes crash down and I'could not repair it.  I lost all the
After lookup for information about the problem I realize that many users
were unhappy using LVM, cause is very difficult to recover.  "They said"

that was better to make partitions manually and make frecuently backup
image partitions.   Well, that's my spot now, I reinstall the Red Hat
now I wanna to make this partitions backup but can't see it ! 

My disk configurations: 

sda1     100 mb    boot
sda2      20 gb    /
sda3       4 gb    swap
sda5     200 gb    home
sda6      15 gb    var 

sdb1       4 gb    swap
sdb2    (no partition yet - reseved for partition backups) 

I don't know if is enought info ? 


Dag Wieers writes: 

> On Wed, 31 May 2006, gjmlinux softhome net wrote: 
>> Hi, I've a problem trying to make a Partition Image. 
>> I've a Red Hat EL 4 / HP ML150 - 2 HD Maxtor Serial ATA - 1 Gb RAM I 
>> test differents software but anyone recognize the HD, Tested Gparted 
>> /Partimage / QTParted.  I try other distros like Knoppix 3.9 and
Ubuntu 5.10.
>> Could someone give me a clue ? 
> What tools are you using ? What problem do you see ? 
> Why would anyone bother to help you if you don't give us any clue to 
> what is happening, what software you're using or what you already
looked for ?
> Kind regards,
> --   dag wieers,  dag wieers com,  http://dag.wieers.com/   --
> [all I want is a warm bed and a kind word and unlimited power]
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