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RE: Regarding top command


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> Subject: Regarding top command
> Hi all
>        Is there any way to run top command as a background process?
> I have tried "top -n1 &" and then "fg %1". it works fine from 
> the terminal but from a script i am not able to call fg command.
> Is there any other way for this ..
> thanks for ur time..
> rgds
> krishnaprasad

I'm not sure I understand what you are trying to do.

As far as I know, fg will not work in a script (I could be wrong, though).
But if all you want is to start top, then do other commands while top is
running in the background, then wait for top to end, there may be a way.

I couldn't get 'top' to work in the background in a script because it was
failing on a tty get so I redirected standard input. The below worked for

Is this what you want?


top -n5 < /dev/console &
PID=`jobs -p`

wait $PID


Hope this helps,

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