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Re: After the copy, there is a directory size mismatch.

That is great.

Thanx Cameron, I never know :
An active directory (which is a special type of file with name/inode
information in it, underneath) will acquire gaps in its data (eg
suppose you remove a file - it is more efficient to leave an "empty"
slot in the directory file data than to rewrite the whole directory).
So the physical sized of the directories themselves may differ even
though they contain the same filenames; the new directory from your copy
will often be smaller because is has only ever had stuff added to it,
and so probably has the most compact internal data structure.

It is also possible, though unlikely, that there were "sparse" files in
your original directory; they may not be sparse in the new copy.
In that case can we compare the word count or charactor count ??


Nilesh Vaghela
Redhat Channel Partner and Training Partner
74, Nalanda Complex, Satellite Rd, Ahmedabad
25, The Emperor, Fatehgunj, Baroda.

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