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RE: Question for security management and overhead and concerns

Hi Yasushi,

if im understanding you correctly you want to have a free standing linux box connected directly to the internet supplying web based apps to the public ? 

Here's my take, Im sure others will follow - do not do this.

Instead put the server on your DMZ where it will be firewalled. 
You dont want your application server sitting in the wild even if it has iptables setup. Its never a good idea to have a firewall acting as an app server anyway.

However if you really have no choice ....

Get iptables running on the box.
Uninstall absolutely everything you dont need.
Be prepared to get blacklisted cos about 24 hours after releasing this box into the wild it will be a hackers paradise.

My 10p worth mate, take it or leave it ;)

Nick .

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> From: Yasushi Okubo [mailto:yasushi cabm rutgers edu]
> Sent: 06 June 2006 13:35
> To: General Red Hat Linux discussion list
> Subject: Question for security management and overhead and concerns
> Hi, experts
> We have a new project to place one of our linux servers outside our 
> private network to provide public access to our web-based application.
> But I know how to setup iptables, but do not have much experience for 
> security management to protect this box from security threat through 
> application servers like apache/tomcat.
> So, I would like to have advices/recommendations/warnings for the 
> following issues [I am planning to install AS4.0 onto this 
> machine] and 
> install both apache/tomcat:
> I am inclined to turn-off ssh/ftp access.
> 1. any good security management software tools ?
> 2. other concerns by owning a server in public domain beside security
> 3. how many hours per day sys admin should expect to spend to 
> mange such 
> a machine
> 4. any web resources to manage such a machine
> Thank you,
> yasushi
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