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RE: {Q} how to setup sftp log

All system logs are found in /var/log.  I think you will find that it is
set up quite nicely to find what it is you are looking for.
Since sftp and sshd run as the same service, they as well as other
things log into /var/log/secure.  You can grep that file til your
hearts content.

In addition, make sure your root: alias is setup properly, because if
it is, once a day you get a report from logwatch
which, among other things, gives you a nice report from /var/log/secure
which will allow you to see who/what is logging in
on a regular basis without having to actually attach to the machine.

Check out /etc/log.d/logwatch.conf for more details.


>>> mianaya edatatrace com 06/07/06 11:37 am >>>

We just migrate out UNIX system to Redhat LINUX system
(AS 3.6).  I tried to find who use "sftp"
login to my server.  on SUN or AIX server I can use:

    last|grep ftp

This commanf does NOT show anything on LINUX.  

Can anyone tell me :

1. where is log file for sftp or how to setup  sftp
log file?

2. any command similiar to "last" which can check
"sftp" login?


sudo last -f /var/log/secure
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