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chkconfig incorrectly sequencing services

I am seeing an issue with chkconfig on my RHEL4 system that was described 
in an earlier post in  April 2006, but not answered regarding if there is 
a fix or not. 
The suggestion was to just use chkconfig comments in the init script.

The problem is that init scripts that contain the INIT INFO comment block 
seem to "confuse" chkconfig and cause it to create the service start 
sequencing to be


# chkconfig: 35 80 10
# description: my service
# Required-Start: $network
# Required-Stop:  $network
# Default-Start: 3 5
# Default-Stop:   0 1 6
# Description:    my service

After chkconfig --add is run on this init script, the service is set to 
S99 in run level 3. If I remove the INIT INFO section from the init 
script, then chkconfig works as expected and sets the service start to 

I need to have (or would like to have) the INIT INFO section in the script 
for LSB support.

I had found a closed bugzilla RHBA-2005:118-07 that seemed to fix a 
similar problem, but I have the chkconfig version that supposedly has the 
fix in it.

Any help or updates is appreciated.

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