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Re: What is the best compatible file system for linux and windows?

This is what you said Budi Febrianto
> Hi,
> I just bought a new external harddisk for my backup, I plan to use it
> for my linux system and also my windows.
> Linux still can't write to ntfs (maybe can, but with warning), while
> windows can't read fat32 bigger than 32 GB (I think so) even though
> linux can write/read it.
> Is there any way that I can use my external harddisk for linux and
> windows the easy way? I don't want to create multiple partition on that
> disk.

Too many unknowns to offer any solid advice.

Is this drive only for backups?  Are you planning on a single backup
product to backup both OS'es?  Do you plan on physically attaching this
drive to both systems?  Is sharing the drive over the network acceptable?

There are likely many valid solutions, but without knowing your specfic
needs or intended usage, it is quite hard to make a suggestion.

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