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Re: sort

Mr.Sean is correct.

...a litle bit from my side...

[vipin vipin ~]$ grep -v age testsort.txt | awk '{print $2}' | sort -r

On 6/19/06, Miner, Jonathan W (CSC) (US SSA)
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        i have a file, I want to sort this file based on the 2nd column, and start
        from 1st row.how can
        I do use sort command to do in redhat linux.
        for example, this is file I want to sort

        name  age  income
        trorry   34    344
        aimin   36    345
        shihe   23    3667



        Lots of possible answers to this, here is one that preserves the header line, and the rest of the file contents:


        (head -1 $f; awk 'BEGIN {getline} {print $0}' $f | sort -k2 -n) > $f.new

        mv $f.new $f

        This depends on having a single title line in the field, a better method, in my opinion, is to use the pound sign (#) to mark comments.  The code then becomes:


        (grep '^#' $f; grep -v '^#' $f | sort -k2 -n) > $f.new

        mv $f.new $f


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