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Re: lpfc can only see one lun

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Blackburn, Marvin wrote:
> I am running RHEL 3.0 update 5.  I have an LP8000 fc card connected to
> an S200 array.  I have created five luns, but can only see one of them.
> I am using the lpfc 7.1.14 driver that comes with the system.
> Anyone else ever have this problem?

have you tried passing options to the module at load time?
modinfo lpfc
will give you a list
on RHEL3 here I see the lpfc_max_lun parameter in the output.
you could try something like...
modprobe -r lpfc
modprobe lpfc lpfc_max_lun=10
to pass this at load time (AIUI thihs should set max luns to 10 on *all*
lpfc devices. the parms suggest you can tag a number on lpfc to set this
per device)

if this solves the problem, then you can put this in modules.conf as an
option, and optionally rebuild your initrd (if you load the lpfc driver
from there)


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