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RE: Help with apache and ldap authentication

Yep, sorry I didn't mention that; the host running apache authenticates
users fine to the ldap server both using ldap and ldaps; just can't get
apache to talk to the ldap server.


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Bliss, Aaron wrote:
> I'm running redhat 3 es, apache and all modules including 
> mod_authz_ldap are from system rpm's; I'm attempting to restrict 
> access to a directory and would like to use ldap authentication; below

> is the relevant section of my httpd.conf file; I'm getting the box to 
> enter my credentials when going to the web page, but it seems to be 
> failing; any ideas?  Thanks very much.
> <directory /webroot/www/nessus_summary>  AuthType Basic  AuthName 
> "Private Area"
> # AuthUserFile /usr/local/sbin/htusers  AuthzLDAPEngine on  
> AuthzLDAPServer "al-lnx-s11.preferredcare.org"
>  AuthzLDAPBindDN "ou=users,dc=preferredcare,dc=org"
>  #AuthzLDAPMapBase "ou=users,dc=preferredcare,dc=org"
>  AuthzLDAPAuthoritative on
>  AuthzLDAPSetAuthorization on
>  Require valid-user
> </directory>
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Can you ping ldap server  al-lnx-s11.preferredcare.org from apache

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