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Re: Enabling quotas on an already existing file system

Beware that quotacheck remounts the file system read only, so you don't want to do this when you have any users logged on.


On Tue, 27 Jun 2006, Padiyath Sreekumaran wrote:

  OS : RedHat release 4

  I have the following situation. At present I have a file system
  Which is mounted without quota option and users are using it.
  (/etc/fstab content:
  /dev/vg00/ftp_data /data xfs  defaults  1 2)

   I want to implement userquota on this file system. I would like to
know the following:

1. Can I implement quota on this file system?
2. If I can, Can I do the following:

   a. unmount /data
   b. mount with following command:
       /dev/vg00/ftp_data /data xfs  defaults,usrquota  1 2

   c.  quotacheck -avum

   d.  quotaon -a

   d.  then I will define the quota with "edquota username /data"

    I donot know whether I have missed anything. I cannot make any
    test on this production system.


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