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Mysterious problem driving me crazy! (network? apache? php? firewall?)


I had a server fail on me recently (which is a story in itself... can't
figure out why it's failing...) and so now I'm in the process of
migrating my data (two websites from a backup) to a new server.

The old server was FC3 and the new server is CentOS 4.3.

Here is the problem stated very briefly: On the old server both websites
worked fine. On the new server only one website is working.

Now for some details:

* I've checked and rechecked /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf to make sure it
matches the original.
* I've checked and rechecked all my scripts in
/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts to match the originals.
* I've checked and rechedked the virtual host settings in
/etc/httpd/virt.d/ to match the originals.
* I've tried turning off iptables on the new server.
* I've tried turning off IPv6 (just a shot in the dark!).
* I've tried turning off SELinux too.
* I've also compared permissions between the two websites directories.

I'm using NAT and what seems to be happening is that swatgear.com WILL
NOT resolve to it's internal ip address of I can't get a
successful ping/request from swatgear.com or The only
time a ping works or I can get any kind of response is through
And by the way, the site works fine if I add ' swatgear.com' to
/etc/hosts. But of course that doesn't solve the problem for the outside

First of all you might ask if someone has changed the configuration in
the hardware firewall, nope. No changes at all. You might also think
that iptables is getting in the way (see above). You might think that
the configurations are different (see above).

If I turn the old server on (which only stays up for about 5 minutes
before it kicks the bucket) both sites work perfectly. As soon as I shut
it off and turn on the new server only one of the sites will work while
the other (www.swatgear.com) does not.

I can't figure it out and I've been working on this ALL DAY so I'm
pleading with the community to help me figure it out.

What is driving me crazy is that one site works and the other does not.
So inspite my 100% confidence in there being absolutely no difference
between the configurations (of the parts that matter) of the two servers
I can only be led to believe that it is in fact a misconfiguration and
nothing else. Otherwise it just doesn't make sense.

Another thing I should mention is that apache's logs for the website
(that doesn't work) doesn't report anything! I mean, it appears that
apache is not even SEEING the request for the site (unless I request it
at This says to me that it's something that precedes apache
that is getting in the way and not apache itself (i.e. a configuration

Thank you!

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