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Re: Memory leak with RHEL WS4

when you look at free are you looking at the +/- buffers line.. that line is
your true free RAM

On 10/2/06, Mike Tilburg <mtilburg adobe com> wrote:


I recently installed RHEL WS4 on my IBM ThinkCentre.  There seems to be
a memory leak from somewhere.  Is this a known issue?  How do I know
where it's coming from.

I've been up for about 7 hours and my 1 GB of memory is almost used up.
I'm using 'free' to show the usage, and sure enough, memory just keeps
getting gobbled up.  I didn't start any other applications.

I'm looking at top and the System monitor, but that doesn't show
anything taking up that much memory.

Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated and welcome.


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