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stunnel Configuration

I've been tasked to set up remote logging of all system logs from 16-18
servers to one location.  The instructions that I have are fairly
straight-forward, but I have a question about remote system logs in


I have a server with about a terabyte of unused storage that was
initially set up as /u06. This is where I would like the remote logs to
be stored as I have a requirement to keep them for an indefinite period.
Will it really be as simple as modifying the directory location in the
syslog.conf file on the receiving server from the /var/log entries to
/u06/log entries?  


Has anyone else had to do this?  If so, how many servers do you have
this for?  If you had more than a few servers, how did you organize the


Kelley Coleman
Database Administrator

Office of Information & Technology

Field Operation Division
VA Health Administration Center
Denver, Colorado

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