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Upgrade from FC2 to FC5 on new HD w/no boot record

I've run into a snag with something that I thought would be pretty simple.

Due to a lack of disk space on the drives currently installed in my
workstation, I'm attempting to move from those 2 drives to one larger one.
 In this particular case, /usr/lib is 95% full and /var is 89% full. 
Since those are fixed partitions, I can't increase their size, and even if
I had used LVM, there's no space left on the drives, which hold those
filesystems, to add to them.  While I was at it, I decided that it would
be prudent to upgrade to FC5.

I've created two partitions on the new drive, which will be hda1 and
hda2...hda1 will be my /boot partition, and hda2 was set up as an LVM
partition, using the rest of thedrive.

I then used the LVM tool to create logical volumes and filesystems on
them, to match what I have currently (increasing the size of the affected
LVs to give me room to work).

I then tar'd up the entire system, and untar'd that archive to the new
drive, so that everything matched...with the noted exception that there is
no boot record.

The next step was to disconnect the other drives, put this drive in as
hda, boot from the FC5 CDs.  Anaconda recognized the existing "Fedora Core
installation".  I instructed it to go ahead and install the boot loader
(GRUB)...and I've tried to have install into the MBR as well as to the
/boot partition (/dev/hda1).

After the upgrade has appeared to complete, the system restarts, but never
gets to the stage2 loader.

I've tried booting in rescue mode, and using grub-install, but to no avail.

The only thing I can think of, now, is to try again, excluding the /boot
filesystem from archive/restoral.

I thought I'd pretty much gotten the entire process figured out, but I'm
having no luck.  Has anyone else done this type of migration, and if so,
would you mind sharing, with me, what you did to make it a successful


Mike Burger

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