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Re: FC5 Issues

did you try install final update from FC5, yum -y update

On 10/4/06, J Rangi <jprangi aleks com> wrote:

I just installed FC5 on Dell Power Edge x95x servers.
Found these issues
After installation
1.   Do not get any display, I was able to ssh and sound that Xorg takes
too much of resources.  System is terribly slow. Uptime more that 9.
This does not happen every time, but most of the times after every boot.

2.   Network problem: After boot, some time network works and some times
it doesn't. I can see the IPs, and other network configuration files.
Every thing seems ok.
Yes, Firewall and Selinux are disabled. If I restart the network it
starts working. Big problem if you don't have physical access to the
server. Same thing this problem is also random.

3   Network cards swap after boot, eth0 become eth1 and eth1 becomes
eth0. The first card I see at pxeboot is eth1 after boot.

4    boot.log file is empty. So not sure where else I can see the boot

With all this, I cant put this in production.
Want to know if its only me or there are more folks who had the same
I would appreciate if some can send some suggestions on these.

Thank you,

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