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Re: Need Serial Help

Hi Michael,

for a quick-test, that the interface works, you can use "minicom".
Start this programm ... it's quite simple to use.

BTW: tty4 sounds for me a little "unusual"... perhaps ttyS4 is what
you need?

If all fails, take a look at http://www.vanemery.com/Linux/Serial/serial-console.html


Michael Schwartz wrote:
Hi -
I have an application that runs under Redhat 7.2 that expects to see a
serial port at /dev/tty4 with characteristics 9600,N,1,1.  Through my own
ignorance or perhaps through failure of the PCI serial card (Dolphin 2-port
PCI card) the application doesn't appear to notice the serial port.  I know
very little about linux and how to turn this back on or test to see of the
port has failed.  Does anyone have a way (or can VNC to my computer) to see
what's going on?  Many thanks in advance.
Tenagra Observatories


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